Wedding Dance Lessons

Your wedding dance is one of the more important parts of your wedding ceremony. Mom’s, Grandma’s, friends, and attendees all want to see you move you with your forever person on the dance floor.

Your First Dance as a Married Couple

Whether you want to learn to just sway together romantically, move artistically to your favorite song, or pull out a complete Dancing with the Stars esque routine complete with pyrotechnics (you’ll need a guy for that), we want to help you achieve your vision for your wedding day.


Your First Lesson: $45

1 Lesson at a time: $80
5 Lesson package: $375 (save $25)
Buy 10, get 1 free: $800 (save $80)

How Many Wedding Dance Lessons Do I Need?

One of the most common questions we get from couples on their first lesson, is “How Many Wedding Dance Lessons Do I Need?”. Like most things the answer is, it depends. Everyone learns at different rates, but we identified some average trends with all the wedding couples that we’ve taught. Consistency is key, the best results come from taking 1-2 lessons a week. Take a look at most people can get done!

5 Lessons

This means you’ve gotten through almost 4 hours of instruction. You’ve definitely been practicing your dance moves between lessons, right? At this point, most people are still a little nervous. You intellectually get how this whole dancing thing is supposed to work, and going slowly it seems to be ok. Maybe with music you have an oopsie or two, and you probably sweat extra, but you can definitely get through the entire dance without falling over. We try and get our couples to do a few more than five sessions, primarily so you feel confident in your dance (and less sweaty), but when you haven’t started dance lessons and your wedding is in a few weeks, this is probably what you’ll want to go for. Hey, it’s better than doing that awkward sway from high school right? (or was that just me)

10 Lessons

This is the sweet spot for most couple’s wedding dance. Ideally, you’ve been coming in at least once a week, so you’ve been working on your dance for two and a half months. Most couples at this point feel pretty confident, and we’ve had enough time to add some cool moves to your dance and make them look nice and strong. Depending on how much you’ve been practicing (yes, every week), maybe you even have a cute lift or two thrown in the mix. After about five wedding dance lessons is when you can start focusing a little on being fun and presentational. It gives us space to work on fun arm lines, what your face should be doing (hint: it’s not a look of intense concentration) and having some cutesy moments in your dance.

20 Lessons

By the end of 20 lessons, you can plan to have a nicely choreographed routine. You’ll have had plenty of time to work on tricks, presentation, and good solid movement. At this point, the majority of couples have some cool tricks and lifts that time well with music, and the routine starts to feel more epic. This is about 5 months of work, coming in once per week, or around 2 1/2 months if you come in twice a week. As always, practice is key, but couples almost always feel great going into their wedding dance after this much time. Don’t think that you have to make it complicated either. Keeping it simple and making each movement beautiful is what many couples want out of their dance (though hey, if you want to do acrobatics, who am I to judge!).

40 Lessons

When your wedding dance is really important to you, you’ll want to plan ahead. Most couples that want to take this many lessons start a year out from their wedding date. You have so many choices on what you can do with this amount of time. We can craft a story for your dance, have lots of cool moments that sync up with the music, and perfect that fun smile throughout the dance! You should be nice and comfortable in your own body and on the dance floor at this point. It even gives you time to change focus from time to time and learn some fun dance moves for your reception (you didn’t forget about that right?).

*Addition lessons are always an option if you’d like. Dance is a highly personal activity and we want you to do whatever works for your comfort level and wallet. We will do our best to work with you to make your wedding dance a memorable one. Bundles listed above are for general reference only. You may choose to take advantage of our bulk pricing, or pay as you go, whatever works best for you.

Woah, you say, that sounds like a lot! It may seem intimidating, but take it one lesson at a time and you’ll be at your goal before you know it. We don’t charge you all up front for these packages, so you just pay as you go. Most students take one to two lessons a week. We’ll give you things to practice and take videos for you to reference at the end of the lessons so you won’t forget what you’ve worked on. Our goal is to have you feeling confident, having fun, and moving awesomely together by the end of your time with us.

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