4 Reasons Taking Dance Classes Before Your Wedding is Worth it

wedding dance classes

We all know weddings are expensive, there’s a cost to everything and once you say the words “wedding” that cost goes up exponentially, ugh. Wedding Dance Lessons happen to be one of those things that don’t suddenly cost double because you’re doing it in a fancy outfit. We may be a little biased, being dance teachers and all, but here are four reasons we think taking dance classes before your wedding are worth it.


The cultural expectation in the US is that the happy couple will dance together, in front of everyone. That means you’re gonna dance, you don’t want to disappoint your collection of grandparents do you? Going out there and swaying awkwardly in place for 4 minutes isn’t exactly a low stress situation (ask me how I know that). Dance lessons give you a structure you can both rely on to not only get you through the dance, but let you have fun with confidence while you’re dancing. We’ve found the confidence sweet spot is around 10 lessons, but even 2 or 3 can give you a big boost, because hey, knowing what you’re doing makes people confident, who would of thought, right?


Contrary to the thoughts of the town residents in “Footloose”, dancing is a fun activity. I know, you don’t believe me, you may of even started sweating profusely upon reading “dancing is fun”, hear me out. If you’re like most people (myself included), structure is a good thing. Someone telling you, “just let the music move you” is basically the same as you being asked to “just do a little brain surgery”. Dance lessons give you structure and a plan to progress your dancing skillset. This builds confidence and reduces stress, then suddenly, you’re having fun! Not to mention, most dance instructors are fun, and we want you to have fun with us.


Sure you “might” both be gearing up to compete on the amazing race together, but more realistically, probably not. Dance is a great way to work towards a shared goal, together. There’s nothing better than the feeling of finally getting that difficult move or that cool dip with your partner, and leaving your session with a sense of accomplishment. Well, there’s one thing better, doing it for realsies in front of your friends in family in your fancy outfits! Overcoming challenges strengthens bonds, and what is marriage if not a bond?

Stress Remover

We know weddings are stressful, we hear a lot of things from our wedding couples during their lessons. Dancing at your wedding doesn’t have to be one of those things. It’s something you can work on ahead of time. We generally recommend tapering off your dance lessons as the wedding gets closer so you can focus on the litany of other wedding activities that require your attention. Generally your dance should be in its final, fully polished stage a couple of weeks before the wedding. Having to perform it just once will seem like a breeze after all your hard work in the studio!

Make your wedding dance one of the big highlights of your wedding day, maybe even #2 next to saying, “I do” (though that meal at the reception probably ranks up there pretty high too). Get started on your wedding dance journey with us, book online today!