Love and Dancing

Dance Lessons

Valentines Day is fast approaching and many of us are still trying to plan (or scramble) for a perfect way to celebrate the day with activities, food, and gifts.  Whether you ultimately decide to go out into the world to celebrate, or keep it cozy at home together, the day is all about being together and being in love.  What better way to spend some intimate time together, than in each other’s arms, on the dance floor!

Dancing in love
Photo by @7Seth

Now, we all want to look like John Travolta and Karen Lynn Gorney in ‘Saturday Night Fever’, or like Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey in ‘Dirty Dancing’, but it helps to do some work and practice ahead of time.  Now your Valentines Day is probably (hopefully!) already booked up, but offering up your time to take dance lessons in the future with your partner is a great way to keep up the Valentines theme of romance and spending time together. 

Photo by @7Seth

Whether you want to take country dance lessons, ballroom dance lessons, salsa, or just learning how to find that dang beat, it’s a fantastic way to spend time together pursuing a mutual goal and it gives you something you can do together instead of contemplating the ceiling at the next wedding, holiday party, or bat mitzvah you attend together.

Just remember the theme here is togetherness and romance.  While learning a whole new way to move your body can be frustrating at times, many people before you have moved passed it and discovered a fantastic new experience they can share with their loved one.  Who doesn’t love a socially acceptable way of being super close in public?

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