How to Avoid a Cheesy Wedding Dance in 3 Easy Steps

One of the biggest things we hear from wedding couples is that they don’t want a cheesy wedding dance. This begs the question, what really does it mean to be “Cheesy”? Generally, it’s being forced and inauthentic. If you’re super serious, having a wild wedding dance with lots of side-by-side actions, and over the top choreography might not be for you, which is great! Not every dance has to be fun, or serious, or any one specific thing.

Dance is all about self-expression. When a dance professional builds a dance routine for you, it should reflect who you are as a couple. The best wedding dances show your personality throughout in fun and/or interesting ways.

From personal experience, I’ve choreographed a variety of dance: from very formal ones with orchestral music like a fairytale ball scene in a movie, to very silly dances (such as a dancing robot), as well as simple dances with a few comfortable moves, and complex show number with lifts in the air and all sorts of pizazz. In each case, the dance was built to reflect the couple’s personality and what they wanted to create together for their friends and families.

Here we go, 3 steps to avoiding a cheesy wedding dance.

1 – Know Yourselves

For your dance to be authentically you, it really helps for you to know you. As a couple are you fun, flirty, sensuous, serious, grumpy, sleepy, sneezy (wait, I think those last few were dwarfs). Regardless of which dwarf… or personality you are, tell your dance instructor, it helps set the tone as they build the foundation of your dance routine.

2– Find Inspiration

There are so many sources of inspiration online, both in pictures and video. Do some research: what do you like and not like about other people’s dances? Many couples just don’t know what their options are with their wedding dance, and it really helps to see the incredible smorgasbord of possibilities online; YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok are great resources for this.

3– Start Early

Unpracticed means uncomfortable and that often translates as cheesy. Dance is like any other sport or hobby; it takes practice to do cool things and be relaxed in the process. More time helps you develop a higher level of comfort with the movement and build that comfort into cooler dance moves! Even very simple dance routines can benefit from starting earlier; after all you can always finish working on your dance early, you can’t get extra time if you start late.

Hopefully you now see the path to avoiding the dreaded cheese and instead having fun with your big dance.

Do you have more questions? Contact us and we’ll be happy to answer them. Ready to get started on your wedding dance?