What Do You Get?

To Put on a Show

In 2023 92% of couples had a first dance, 79% of couples danced with their parents. While you could opt for some day of improv comedy, most couples seem to be leaning in a different direction.


If you're going to dance, it's way more fun and way less stress if you know what you're doing beforehand. The number one thing couples tell us is that they want to feel more confident when they are dancing in front of their friends and family.


Dance lessons are a great adventure to go on together before the wedding. Plus, guess what? Dancing is largely considered to be fun, especially once you get good at it! (shocking I know)

And More...

While you may still be determined to bust out some of your classic moves, the sprinkler and flossing definateeeeeely still make the crowd go wild… why not try our intro special and see if we can upgrade those with you.

Check out some of the fantastic wedding couples we got to help create a memorable dance for!

How Many Lessons Does It Take To Learn Your Wedding Dance?

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