Country Western Dances

We teach a variety of country dances done both on the competitive dance circuit, and at local dance venues.

Triple Two

This smooth country dance travels around the floor. The movement of the couple crosses back and forth across the track, creating the look of a winding river.

Check out some Triple Two music!


This dance bounces around the floor, its impossible to be down when you are dancing to Polka music! (lederhosen not required)

Check out some Polka music!

Choreography by Maryann Harvey


This dance is the most romantic of all the country dances. Its willowy swaying action its difficult to master, but so satisfying when you do.

Check out some Nightclub music!

Cha Cha

Borrowed from Ballroom dancers, but done with country music! This sexy dance features fun hip action and sharp precise movements.

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Another borrowed dance from Ballroom. This romantic but more formal dance travels around the floor featuring beautiful sweeping movements.

Check out some Waltz music!

Two Step

The quintessential country dance. Variations of two step are done all over the country, with plenty of local flavor added. Its walking and turning, FAST!

Check out some Two Step music!

East Coast Swing

A fun up tempo dance that stays in the center of the dance floor. A little hip swing goes a long way to creating the look and feel of this dance.

Check out some East Coast Swing music!

West Coast Swing

Unlike our other dances this one runs in a slot instead of traveling or being circular. While in country dancing you might wear a hat and boots, dancers all over the world do West Coast Swing to a variety of bluesy and popular contemporary music.

Check out some Country West Coast Swing music!