Dance Competitions

Dance competitions are an incredible experience that will help push your dancing to the next level, while giving you the opportunity to travel and have a blast! Whatever your dance style or preferred musical genre, there is a dance circuit for you. Dancesport is an amazing way to push yourself, it lets you test your skills and set new goals while immersing yourself in a huge community of people striving to do the same thing. Serious competitive students make the most progress with lessons once or twice a week. The major dance genres we function in are Country, West Coast Swing, and Ballroom. Which one interests you?

Competitive Country Dancing

Do you love country music? Do you like goals, pushing yourself and having a blast while you do it? Try competitive country dancing! There are events all around the US throughout the year for you to strut your stuff at. You can compete on multiple circuits with UCWDC and ACDA!

Curious as to what competitive dance can look like? Check out these videos from various competitions!

West Coast Swing Competitions

Have you seen the videos? They don’t know the song, they don’t know their partner...that’s West Coast Swing! With over 120 different events annually, there’s almost always an event to go to. Competitive West Coast Swing is done in a jack and jill format, which means it’s a random partner each time you dance. It’s great if you want to travel solo, because all you need is yourself and a good pair of dance shoes! Want to know what it looks like, check out these competitive West Coast Swing videos!

Competitive Ballroom Dancing

Does the idea of glitz and glam make you giddy? Competitive ballroom dancing might be for you! Made up of a variety of different dances, there’s something to like for everyone! With dance events happening practically every weekend there are tons of opportunities to take your dance routines on the road! We travel to both NDCA and USA Dance events. Check out what the top people in the sport can put on the dance floor!