Choosing Your Wedding Dance Music

Wedding Dance Lessons

Choosing the first song you will dance to as a married couple can be challenging.  Do you pick the song that was playing during your first kiss?  Perhaps you want to signify your wedding day with a new song that reminds you both of your special day.  You could also be like so many other wedding couples out there, that don’t know what song they want to do their first dance to or don’t have a preference for what they dance to for their first dance.  Regardless of which type couple you are, there are some common considerations you’ll want to make when planning for your first dance.

Song Choices

So you already have a song picked out that has some significant meaning to you both, congratulations!  Make sure you tell your prospective dance instructor up front what your song choice is so that they can help guide you to what dances are most appropriate for your musical selection and goals with your dancing.  After exploring a few dance styles with your instructor, your instructor will likely recommend a plan to help you achieve your desired goal for your dance based on the time commitment and budget you feel most comfortable with.  They may even be able to help you pick a song if you ask for suggestions or help narrowing down your list.  Don’t be afraid to change your song if you decide that it doesn’t fit the mood or theme you’d like to create.

Do you have no clue where to start with picking a song?  Can you not agree on what kind of mood you want to set for your first dance?  The web is a great way to see what is popular this season as well as find some timeless classics, playlists abound.  Spotify can be a great resource if you search for “wedding” and browse their playlists.  If those aren’t working for you, try searching for love songs on their radio function, its fantastic.  If you have a short list of songs that you like but aren’t in love with, build a small playlist of your own and browse the suggested songs at the bottom of the playlist to find more inspiration.  Your dance instructor can help narrow down your choices and show you the dances that work with each.  If you aren’t particularly married to your current musical selection, your instructor can suggest other songs that will work well.  Starting lessons months in advance, will give you ample opportunities to play with different dance and music combinations. 

Common Music Considerations

There are a few common music considerations you should make before your big day.  Once you’ve selected your song, you’ll want to read through the lyrics to make sure that they say what you thought.  We’ve all had that experience where we find out years later that a song said something very different than what we’ve been singing along to (whoops!)

Have you been hearing those lyrics wrong all along?

If there are small sections that need to be removed or bad language you’d rather not have in your first dance video, its very possible to have that addressed when your music is edited.  A great example of a beautiful song that may still feel inappropriate for the occasion is Thomas Rhett’s song, Marry Me, is a beautiful ballad about marriage.  However, the song is about the one that got away, a man watching someone he loves marry another because he never confessed his feelings.  At the end of the day, choose a song that brings you joy as a couple and let whole room feel that.

Cutting music is another important and often overlooked part of your first dance preparation.  This includes both the length of the song, tempo, and removing any unwanted content when possible.  You can ask your dance professional for editing suggestions in addition to any pieces you want to make sure are highlighted that you particularly enjoy.  Ask your dance professional if they edit music or have someone they trust to edit the music.  Your DJ may offer editing services as well if you ask.  If you don’t have luck with either of these solutions, put out the call to any of your musically and technically inclined friends to see if they want to offer you an early wedding present in the form of music editing.  While you may want to choose to dance to the complete version of your song, many dance instructors recommend cutting down your song to between 1:30 and 3:00 for your first dance.  The main goal in keeping it shorter is to keep all of your guests engaged rather than fidgeting or scrolling through their phones by the end. 

Regardless of your music choices, just remember your wedding day is about you two and your love story.  Your family and friends don’t know your plan, they just know what you look like when you’re comfortable and enjoying yourself.  The dance is a great time to shine, no matter how simple or elaborate you want your dance to be, some preparation goes a long way to making you feel as comfortable and confident so you can focus on each other.

Are you still feeling a little lost on what song to pick? Browse our First Dance for Weddings here. Contact us if you have questions or to schedule a lesson!