About Glenn

Glenn McCallum

I’ve been competing in country for 8 years and also compete in WSDC for West Coast Swing. I started as an amateur and eventually made the jump to being a professional. I hold one world title as the 2018 UCWDC Couples Open III Classic World Champion along with my partner at the time, Amy Lee. I most recently took 2nd place in the 2020 UCWDC ProPro Male Open II World Championships.
I’m very passionate about dance; teaching, competing, performing, and learning.  My primary focus is teaching country dancing in Albuquerque, though I am also very passionate about West Coast Swing.

I try and travel throughout the year to various dance events and to coach with amazing world class dance educators. Dance takes continuous education and I take pride in self improvement and passing down knowledge to my students so they can continue to grow.
Prior to this I was a 10 year Air Force veteran. I found dance after I left the service and its done nothing but improve my life since. Its helped me find my sense of purpose after leaving the service and recover from two knee surgeries. I’m a big advocate for dance as a form of rehabilitation, both mental and physical.